[Paper Review #11 13/1/17] TRing: Instant and Customizable Interactions with Objects Using an Embedded Magnet and a Finger-Worn Device

TRing: Instant and Customizable Interactions with Objects Using an Embedded Magnet and a Finger-Worn Device

Sang Ho Yoon, Yunbo Zhang, Ke Huo, Karthik Ramani
UIST '16,  11 pages except references


TRing offers a novel method for making plain objects interactive using an embedded magnet and a finger-worn device. The device can provide relative position of the embedded magnet, using particle filter integrated magnetic sensing technique. They also offer a magnet placement algorithm that guides that magnet installation location based upon the user’s interface customization. It shows 8.6mm average tracking error in 3D space and 4.96mm error in 2D space. The paper reports detailed performance evaluation and new interaction techniques.

What I like

  • Good introduction. It starts with DIY trends and technologies, and well referring related works. The first paragraph was informative for me.
  • The related work is also very informative, I learned a lot of related work that I didn’t know before.
  • The way of writing is not criticizing previous work. For instance, it says “our approach also introduces a simple way…” Instead of criticizing, it says the previous work provided a simple way. Here is another example. “Although these works suggest a new way of …, they do not focus on …” It says that the previous work have contributions, but they simply cover different research questions.

Further to read (Magnetic sensing)

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