Step-by-step guide to manage references in SIGCHI papers with MS Word & Mendeley

Managing references in Word is tricky, because the reference numbers can mess up easily.
With Mendeley, you can easily import, manage, and insert references when writing papers with MS Word.

Step-by-step guide

1. Installing Mendeley Desktop

  1. Download the software and install
  2. Create account and log in on Mendeley Desktop

2. Getting references on browsers

  1. Install Browser extension (Chrome)
  2. Search for papers on Google scholar, etc.
  3. Click Mendeley extension button to add literature to your Mendeley.
  4. (Optional) Go to Mendeley Desktop and click 'Sync' button on the left top to make sure it's there

3. Inserting references in paper

  1. To install MS Word plug in, Go to Mendeley Desktop > Tools > Install MS Word Plugin
  2. To Install ACM SIGCHI reference style, Go to Mendeley Desktop > View > Citation Style > More Styles > Get More Styles.
    Search for 'ACM'. There are 'ACM SIGCHI Proceedings (2016)' and 'ACM SIGCHI Proceedings - Extended Abstract Format'
  3. Go to MS Word > References > Insert or Edit Citation. Search for reference you want, click 'OK'
  4. To insert whole list of references, click 'Insert Bibliography'.
  5. Click 'Refresh' to update the reference numbers and list.